Rosanna Narducci channels teachings and is the author of three Conclave books, published by Ariane. For the past 10 years, she has been giving workshops on Ascending by the Melchizedek Method, and has been travelling around the world to activate the 12 Portals of Redemption and Solarization.

Based on Christ'Al Chaya’s teachings, she has developed a way of harmonizing energies, which is so important in these turbulent times. Her method is called the Quantum Seals of Unity.

In 1975, when 3-year-old Rosanna was alone in her room, she met her solar family for the first time; to her little girl's eyes, they looked like doctors. Then, time goes by and she forgets about the experience. Years later, when she was 16 years old, under her mother’s astonished gaze, she is suddenly showered by thousands of tiny crystal fragments. However, at the time, she didn’t understand the full significance of these events.

At the age of 19, she embarked on a spiritual journey that involved delving into her past lives using Patrick Drouot’s method. This is when she got in touch with her Light Guides. She was only 20 when Christ’Al Chaya appeared to her and informed her that she crystal shower (or “coding”) she received four years ago turned her into a channel for his teachings, and that, as she grows spiritually, the codes in those crystal fragments will gradually be activated. At that point, Rosanna realized that the solar beings who visited her when she was 3 were, in fact, Master-Guides from the Orion system.

At the age of 25, she is co-author of "La Terre, mémoire et instrument des civilisations galactiques" (éd. Hélios) At the age of 27, she is a Reiki master. It was at this time that the first oral transmissions began, allowing her to publish her second book: "Christ'Al Chaya" (Les Editions de St-Jean).

In 2003, Christ'Al Chaya asked him to channel his teachings during public channeling sessions in order to help humanity in its Ascension process.

On October 12, 2004, Christ'Al Chaya activated one of the major Ascension codes of the earth, 12:21, in Machu-Picchu, Peru.

In 2007, she published the first teachings of Christ'Al Chaya in a book: "Ascension, the path to immortality". Since 2007, she has been transmitting her teachings in channeling: "Ascension according to the Way of Melchisedec".

In January 2012, Christ'Al Chaya offers new teachings: "The Sacred Feminine", "The Sacred Masculine", "The Solar Couple, the Goddesses" during which he transmutes the wounds of man and woman and prepares us for the integration of the Adamantine particles.

From 2011 to 2013, she channels in public in Paris, 3 conclaves of ascended masters. These messages will be transmitted in the form of books, the 3 volumes of the Conclave published by Ariane.

In 2015, she transmits the teaching on the Seals of Quantum Unity.

Immersed in the crystalline life of her cells, she is suddenly attentive to the messages of her DNA. She realizes that we are called to live a salutary quantum leap and that we must heal all the painful memories of the incarnation. She proposes a seminar on the revival of birth and intra-uterine life "birth and the project of the meaning of solar Being, from the fear of being born to the desire to live". She also uses hyper ventilation breathing. It is a method of exploring consciousness based on a work of ample and rapid breathing. In many traditions, we find the healing action of the breath to raise the energy level and develop greater vitality. Simply being in an altered state of consciousness triggers a spontaneous therapeutic activity.

In 2020, she will be offering workshops in video-conference and residential. Workshops such as "Birth", "Solar Breathing", "Dancing Trance" are part of the inner path of transcendence and allow one to integrate one's shadows to find one's excellence.

In 2022, she created the Melchisedech School of Christ'Al Chaya and offers two training courses to become a "Melchisedech Energy Companion" with "the energetic harmonization practices of Christ'Al Chaya" and "coaching in the Portals of Ascension of the Solar Being" in collaboration with Christian Jubert, Shiatsu practitioner, psycho-practitioner in integral vision and trained in Family Constellations. He is also a crystal skull smuggler.

In 2023, she collaborated with Cyrille Chantereau, founder of Just Dance With Life ©: La danse du présent. It's a hollistic dance-medicine practice created to enable everyone to live fully, consciously and intensely in the present through the ages and cycles of life. He is the first French certified teacher of the School of Movement Medicine, as well as a creative leadership coach and assertiveness expert. Together, they have created a training program on inclusive holistic leadership.