Christ'Al Chaya - Rosanna-Shamira

Christ'Al Chaya is a Crystal Master, a Master of teaching and discipline, and part of the 1st Ray. He belongs to the ORION system and is guardian of the 12 Master Crystals of AN (Alnilam, a star in Orion's belt).

In ancient Egypt, where he was known as the god Horus, he used the pharaoh Toth Ankh Aton to channel his teachings, but this spiritual “overshadowing”ended when the young pharaoh became Tutankhamen, and betrayed his promise to Akhenaten. Christ'Al Chaya was incarnated as the prophet Elijah and then John the Baptist. He is a member of the Christic Golden Brotherhood, which ensures that the different systems work together. Following a request by some members of the White Brotherhood, the Masters of the Golden Brotherhood are once again drawing closer to Gaia to assist in her Ascension.

Christ'Al Chaya is the son of Shiva and Lord of Olympus. He is a guardian of the Earth, and is represented by the Swan, symbolizing perfect judgement. At Maitreya's request, he has once again returned to our solar system.

For several years now, he has been using Rosanna Narducci as his channel. His teachings on the Cosmic Laws and Orion's memories enable humans to expand their perceptions of the Universe.

His teachings focus on integrating the "I AM" in order to bring healing to humanity.

« I am a Knight of Heaven, a Warrior of Melchizedek. My crystal-clear teachings uplift your souls. I am Christ'Al Chaya, the one who pours out unlimited crystal fragments onto your being and activates your galactic codes, your soul resonance. I am from the Cobalt Blue Ray. I wear a necklace shaped like the number eight, symbolizing perfection. I live on several magnetic planes, from which I refine your Christ-like cells. I descend through the Violet Ray to restore humanity’s original truth. »

At this time of heightened consciousness, Christ'Al Chaya gives a teaching channeled by Rosanna: "Ascending by the Melchizedek Method". The purpose of this teaching is to help humans welcome their Solar Being and radiate their divine I AM Presence in order to establish Communities of Light that respect the laws of life.

Message from Christ'Al Chaya

Greetings to you, dearly beloved of the One. Welcome, dear souls, welcome, welcome, to the vibrational space of the 12 Master Crystals of AN, of Orion, the system from which I come. You are most welcome in this sacred space.

I am Christ'Al Chaya, a Master of teaching and discipline and a Galactic Melchizedek of the Golden Brotherhood of Orion. I come to you, Earthly Humans, to help you, assist you, and guide you in your Ascension process, in the process of integrating your memories and your cells, the so-called “overshadowing” of your Solar Being.

Many years ago, the Shamballa Council, together with members of the White Brotherhood, asked the Masters of the Golden Brotherhood for help guiding the Earth through the current period of transition – a time when Gaia's matrix and her matrix codes are changing. Part of humanity wants to accompany the Earth in her Ascension process. These Lightworkers are called upon to form humanity’s New Ark of the Covenant and to sow the Earth with Christos consciousness. These people of the Grail carry within them the seeds of Galactic Adam's new DNA, which is a solarized DNA, capable of transforming the hybrid part of humanity into a Higher Consciousness.

I've been asked to take part in the plan that's currently underway to educate humanity. A great deal is at stake here, because Earth's Ascension not only concerns Earthly Humans, but also hybrid as well as future humanities. An ascension process that’s based on humanity’s mixed DNA is vital to awakening and expanding worlds. Mastery can only be achieved by merging your Melchizedek Consciousness with your Christos Consciousness.

My mission is to help you achieve this mastery, to turn you into gods incarnate who, on different levels of consciousness, will then become able to take charge of and protect your planet’s delicate ecology. This education in the Melchizedek and Christos Method will turn you into instructors, peacemakers, redeemers, and co-creators for future kinds of humanity.

Subatomic light particles are infused with the memories of your Star Elders, who have already completed their Ascension journey. They have passed through light and shadow, are free of power struggles, and want to help you.

Using the information in these adamantine particles, the Elders are summoning you to transcend and integrate your shadow self in order to awaken your consciousnesses. The particles call the Solar Being to be incarnated on earth – an unprecedented opportunity to heal their root karma. The healing process involves 12 Ascension Portals that are calling on the dispersive energies to rejoin the Original Source of Love.

Ascension is about allowing your I AM presence to reclaim its former authority. As a 1st Ray Master, I'm not in the habit of failing in my missions. Those whom I call must fully embrace their Ascension process and commit to regaining their alignment, their righteousness, and commit to serving the Common Good over personal interests. I will teach you to identify your shadows and free yourself from restrictive beliefs.

I will teach you about Order, Love and Discipline. I will free you from guilt, hatred, ignorance and judgment. When you say yes to the Ascension process, you lose the illusion of separation and of free will. You will understand that you're all connected to each other, that all the universes, all the dimensions are intertwined and interdependent. As you all breathe the same prana, you all become aware. You are all connected to the vessel that is Earth, and hence committed to ascending along with her.

Dear souls, rest assured that I will guide you through this Ascension process. The Ascension itself happens very quickly. However, preparing for Ascension – that is where the alchemy of the Work takes place. I will show you how to joyfully experience this alchemy; once ascended, you will be freed from your enslavement to devolutionary forces.

Be blessed, be thanked.